Hello and Welcome to my 7 Continents Gallery Photo Tours web site.   My name is Richard Schoettger and I have been travelling the world for over 30 years gaining knowledge and experience from special places that are remarkable and totally unforgettable.   In addition, I have taken up travel photography for past few years and have now created these tours to accomplish three things.  First, to provide photographers locations that holds special appeal in offering opportunities to capture unique and special moments, whether it is a special location or special time of day.  Two, there are many photography tours offered today that offers tours to many of the same locations, therefore saturating these environments.  With tours from 7CG, I try to find locations still yet truly undiscovered in order to provide the chance to capture images not offered elsewhere.  Finally, I strongly believe in travel as a way of life but as with many tours today, prices are getting more and more unaffordable, so with many, they become a “trip of a lifetime”.   Therefore, in all honesty, as I am still employed outside the travel industry at this time, I am not in this for a way of supporting my income, therefore I am passing these savings on to you.

I currently live in Singapore and for the last 2.5 years, I have travelled specifically in this part of the world to not only experience these wonderful places and cultures, but work with local operators to find excellent services in supporting travel.  All the tours offered in this site I have fully experienced and am now working with those to secure the best opportunity that can be provided for fellow travelers, especially photographers.

You can see some of my images at my photography website:  7continentsgallery.smugmug.com.  Take a look and see if these are places that may appeal to you.  If so, let me know and we hopefully can share experiences that you will never forget.


Richard Schoettger

Email:  ctheworldnow@earthlink.net


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